2018 Annual Grand National Meet

CCWP volunteers to support the “once in a life-time” annual Antique Automobile Club of America (AACA) Grand National Meet being held for the first time in Greensburg Pennsylvania.  What an experience to see nearly 530 pristine antique vehicles of all type, model and manufacture in one place!

Each of these vehicles must have a 390 out of 400 racking to even be considered and invited to this yearly event.  They come from “all” across the US and most where trailered in and rarely driven for any extended distance.

A full report with pictures and video’s can be found here:  Western PA Region – Grand National Meet

Here’s some pictures I took to capture mind and other participating CCWP members experience!

Each attendee received this unique plaque


Below are pictures of the various “lots” and cars as they arrived and we (CCWP Members) helped park in there assigned slot!

Here are “Candid” pictures of CCWP members attending with some “Tongue-n-Cheek” Captions I hope you will enjoy and appreciate!

Collage of Corvettes
Collage of Motorcycles
Collage of Classics
Collage of Antiques