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of Western Pennsylvania

The Western Pennsylvania
Corvette Club Council

The Western Pennsylvania Corvette Club Council is an association of regional Corvette clubs that was formed in January of 2000. Its multi-faceted purpose includes improving communications between the various organizations, identifying "signature" events of the different Clubs, and where possible, supporting other Club's programs.


Mission Statement

It will be the mission of the Western Pennsylvania Corvette Club Council to produce an annual event consisting of a gathering of all member Clubs. The event shall be hosted by a different member Club each year, with no one member chairing the event on successive years.
The focus of this gathering is to celebrate the "Club" dimension of the Corvette culture.  All member Clubs will be considered equal regardless of size.  Efforts will be made to keep the event PURE, SIMPLE and FUN.

    Western Pennsylvania Corvette Club Council Members

Altoona Corvette Club North Pittsburgh Corvette Club
Corvette Club of Western Pennsylvania Presque Isle Corvette Club
Corvettes of PA Shenango Valley Corvette Club
Flood City Corvette Club Steel Town Corvette Club
Laurel Valley Corvette Club Three Rivers Corvette Club
NCRS, Pittsburgh Tri-State Chapter United Rays Corvette Club