Vennie is a Winner!

Congratulations to Vennie Krutz (one of our members) for being chosen the “BEST OF THE BEST IN DECEMBER” contest in 2017 from Stingray, which was based on a shot of your C7 from the back. Welcome to the Winners Circle, Vennie!


Vennie had a good year with this award and also a 1st Place Trophy for “BEST MODIFIED C7” at our May 7, 2017 Indoor Corvette show, sponsored by Tom Henry Chevrolet.

Congratulations from all your friends from CCWP!

2 thoughts on “Vennie is a Winner!”

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    1. Thank you so much Fritz for taking time out to give us your feedback!… We just re-launched our website in November, 2017. We are celebrating our 60th Anniversary of our club and we wanted to make sure we had a good forum to share and celebrate with the “World”!…..