C7 Generation coming to an end!

The end of the 7th generation Corvette is coming fast and now we have some actual dates that you should be aware of.

We knew that by watching the dealers, we would get a sense of when actual C7 Corvette production would come to a close and it looks like the countdown clock to the end of the C7s has already started.

First up, the last order cycle for the 2019 ZR1 closed at the end of May which means that the end date to custom order the 755-hp Corvette has already passed. There might be a few built cars still out there from deals that fell through, but it looks like ZR1 production is nearly wrapped up.

Today (June 6th) starts the final order cycle to build a C7 Convertible with a Sold order required to be in GM’s order bank by Monday evening (6/10).

The last day for any Sold order C7 Coupes is Monday, June 17th. Again, buyers need to have a Sold order in the order bank that Monday evening for any chance to be picked up by GM.

The final day for any C7 order is Tuesday, June 23rd. However, there is no guarantee that dealers will have allocations on that day. Regardless, it’s the final day for any C7 order.

Keep in mind that these are for placing sold customer orders for 2019 Corvettes. Dealer inventories for the 2019 Corvette are still plentiful and so if you can’t order the car of your dreams, there’s a good chance that most of your wishlist can be fulfilled with a car that has already been built.

We are still waiting on final confirmation on when the C7 Corvette production will officially end and that should become clearer in the next few weeks.


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