All I can say is WOW!…  Check it out…..  2019 ZR1 Convertible announced!

The ZR1 coupe will carry a suggested retail price of $119,995, while the ZR1 convertible will start at $123,995 (prices include destination charge, but exclude tax, title and other dealer fees).


NEW Website is LIVE!

We are happy to announce that we’ve updated our website and hope you will like it!

2018 marks our 60th Anniversary and we thought it was appropriate and long over due to upgrade our website and make it more useful with new features like this Blog and Calendar Event page that will be kept updated with details on our upcoming events throughout the year.  We also are proud to feature our members and their cars on a picture slideshow on the home page.

There’s an improved Newsletter page where the files have been optimized and smaller making it easier and faster to open and download.

We are also going to be adding more Sponsors soon.

Please make sure to take a minute to read our history in the “About Us” page.  CCWP has a rich history and hope to last another 60 years at least and leave a real legacy to our grandchildren and great-grandchild.

Please don’t hesitate to give us feedback on either Facebook or through email at  [email protected].


Veterans Day – 2017… Thank You!

There is a certain enthusiasm in liberty, that makes human nature rise above itself, in acts of bravery and heroism.” Alexander Hamilton


Mike Miller Collection Tour

Great fall day to visit Mike Miller’s antique collection in Centerville at Mike’s compound.  We where greeted by Mike and his daughter and her kids and offered coffee and donuts, which was great.

Mike and Michele (his daughter) both have corvettes, so we extended and they accepted to become members.  So thrilled to have them with us… We plan to have another event at Mikes in 2018.

BTW – Thanks Phil Cassel for sharing a few of your pics for the gallery!

“Antiques collector Michael Miller has been collecting various items for more than 60 years. His massive collection in New Centerville includes steam engines, various Somerset County historical items and classic cars….”, says Eric Kieta from Daily American

Interview with Mike back in June 2015 with Eric Kieta


C7 Generation coming to an end!

“Well, that was quick! Rumors have been confirmed that production of the 2018 Corvette will cease early for the model year. The last date to order a 2018 Corvette is November 16, and the last week of production for the 2018 model year is the week of January 22. The 2019 model year will begin rolling off the line the week of January 29, 2018. Orders for the model start November 30. (whew we need a calendar for all those dates!)

Right now, planned volume for the 2018 Corvette is just shy of 9,700 units, making it one of the shortest model years.

No major changes are coming for 2019 as models, colors and options from 2018 will carry over (sans the Carbon 65 Edition). Less than 100 65th Anniversary Carbon Editions are remaining of the 650 cap for 2018. A new order guide for 2019 will be released on November 20.

Sebring Orange (G26) can now be ordered, and a small ramp up of the new hue begins the week of December 11 (in the new paint shop, we might add).

But what about the new paint shop? Production at Bowling Green Assembly starts back up November 6, and at that time the ‘basics’ (Black, Arctic White, Torch Red, Corvette Racing Yellow) will begin rolling through the state-of-the-art paint shop. Tintcoats will follow the basics at a later date (Admiral Blue, Blade Silver, Cyber Matrix Gray, Long Beach Red, Sebring Orange and Watkins Glen Gray.

As for the quality of the new paint – we’re told customers will not be disappointed. Some even tout the quality to be better than the crème de la crème Cadillac paint.

And as for a “C8” mid-engine Corvette, no official word has been received announcing the highly anticipated model. But it has been photographed quite a bit lately. Perhaps it’s GM’s way of teasing us just a little bit!

Corvette Dates Cheat Sheet

October 27 – 2018 Corvette unallocated sold orders cut off

November 6 – GM Plant Re-Starts 2018 Production in the new Paint Shop

November 16 – Final date to order a 2018 Corvette

November 20 – 2019 Corvette Order Guide Released

November 30 – 2019 Corvette Orders Picked-Up

December 11 – Sebring Orange Corvettes begin

January 22 (week of) – 2018 Corvette Production Ends

January 29 – 2019 Corvette Production Starts”

Courtesy of Mike Furman, National Corvette Sales, Criswell Chevrolet