Bulletin Board Launch!


The Corvette Club of Western Pennsylvania (CCWP) are happy to provide our members and also non-members that just like visiting our website and want to have "FUN" this special BULLETIN BOARD of hand picked events that although not CCWP sponsored are worthy of your consideration.....

We (the Board) watch several websites for ideas on events that we feel our members and visitors would like.  We find them via CARCRUISES.com and also from flyers we pick up from cruises and also getting contacted by folks planning an event and they want our club to join them.

You can also download the Hootboard App for your smartphone and get notified of new posts and view them separate from our website page.. Our HootBoard URL is http://www.hootboard.com/CCWP (Case Sensitive).  There will be a place to find our board when you install and launch the App the first time.  Click into the open box area and just type in CCWP  ...Next, you will need to enter your userid (or use your Facebook ID) and then you will be able to see our posts within this App outside the website..